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Natuurwijn, vin nature, vin naturel, natural wine, vino naturale... for us is simply wine!

Bruno Levi Della Vida, owner and founder od Vinum Naturale

About Us

Vinum Naturale, founded by Bruno Levi Della Vida in December 2015, is specialised in the import of natural wine, mainly from Italy.

We work only with small producers working in a crafty way, with respect for nature and for the environment.

We find personal contact with the winemakers very important to ensure the quality of the wines we offer.

Our wines are made from grapes growing without the use of pesticides, manually picked and spontaneously fermented by the native yeasts laying on the grapes. The wine is not filtered and contains none or little added sulphites.


You can visit us at our wineshop, Angolo Vinoso

Kostverlorenstraat 29

1052GT, Amsterdam

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